Students work on projects in Jeff Burgess' Survey and Principles of Illustration class on Monday, Nov. 5, 2018.

The Portfolio Advantage

Want to explore the world of illustration and design? These courses will introduce you to a range of materials and techniques. We recommend them for those wishing to build a portfolio for art school entry.


In this introductory course, you learn how to develop your skills in both drawing and painting. Build your portfolio as you learn basic compositional solutions as well as how to handle a variety of media (pencil, charcoal, pastel, acrylics and ink). You will come away with a better understanding of media and how to apply them on different surfaces. Please note this course is mostly black & white drawing and painting media, with some introductory use of color. Course fee includes supplies.


Life drawing is a foundation skill needed for all types of visual arts, particularly animation. Using gesture drawing from a live model, you learn the basic principles of observational skills, and develop your understanding of volume, form and line. Work on your portfolio and improve your drawing skills under the guidance of an expert instructor. Bring a 2b pencil and 50 sheets of white copy paper or a sketchbook of at least 11" × 14" to the first class. Price includes the weekly model fee.