IDEA 235 and COMM 190 Collaborate on an Illustrated Story Project

This project was a collaboration between Communications 190 writing class and IDES 235 Illustration class. Comm 190 writers were paired with an IDES 235 illustrator to design an illustration that would visually introduce the story in a magazine. The results were impressive, and the students of both classes really enjoyed the collaborative development.

Shown above: How I Weave Reconciliation written by Cohen Isberg and illustrated by Aidan Zecchel.

Curious about going pro? Open Studio Day at IDEA is Saturday February 9, 2019

Twice a year we invite the public to our Open Studio Day, for an overview of the entire program and to show what makes it distinctive from other schools. Plus, it’s a chance to see where the action happens, and meet both faculty and current students. Mark the date: Saturday, November 3rd, 1 – 4 p.m.

We begin at 1 p.m. with a Keynote presentation, followed by studio tours, friendly portfolio reviews, and a drawing session. Shown above: Illustration by Alice Zeng (IDEA18), Junior Designer at If Communications.

First year IDEA student, Joyce Chan, rolls with themes of self care and positivity

First year IDEA School of Design student, Joyce Chan is really grateful to be in such a comprehensive program where she gets to learn about creative thinking, photography and life drawing in her first year. Being a first year student in Capilano University’s Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication is both a reward and a challenge for her.

Joyce has always been interested in photo manipulation shown above in her self portrait inspired by a quote by author Mark Manson. Read her story.

Annual Valentine’s Day Card Fundraiser Sale by IDEA students at Capilano U starts today!

Second-year students at IDEA School of Design, Capilano University's Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication degree program, design, illustrate, print and sell Valentine's Day cards each year as a fundraiser for their third-year class field trip next year. The sale starts Thursday, January 31, 2019 in the library and cafeteria at Capilano University.

4th year Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication students share their excitement for upcoming industry practicums

IDES 490 Industry Practicum is an experiential learning course that takes place primarily off campus. Students work within a studio/agency environment or with a personal mentor in a capacity related to visual communication.

We reached out to the busy IDEA19 graduating students to see how they’re feeling about their upcoming 2-month industry practicums and share a bit about the process of choosing their practicum hosts last Fall.

Feedback ranged from equally excited and terrified to SUPER STOKED!

Shown above: 4th year students prepping their business cards and grad materials.

Late Admission to the Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication at Cap U for Fall runs February 8 to April 10, 2019

Thank you to everyone who applied to IDEA School of Design for Fall 2019. Early applications are now closed. SlideRoom will re-open Friday, February 8 to Wednesday, April 10, 2019 for the Fall 2019 late admission period.

Entry to the Bachelor of Design program at Capilano University is competitive, and applicants must submit a portfolio and other documents through SlideRoom.

Shown above: a sample of a typical student application portfolio on SlideRoom. This one is titled ‘Window View’ and is an illustration submitted by Jominca Engelbrecht as part of her application. Jominca is now in her graduating year.

Alex Maertz is growing her own little business in the creative village of Cumberland

Alex Maertz graduated from IDEA School of Design last year, got married and moved to Cumberland, BC. She is currently finishing off illustrating her first children’s book, The Girl and Her Sun, coming out late Spring 2019.

In this grad spotlight, Alex shares her process illustrating children’s books and how she is growing her own little business on Vancouver Island at her makeshift standing desk in her kitchen using a cardboard box from Costco for ergonomics. Catch up with Alex and her dog!

IDEA students won 14/50 Advertising & Design Club of Canada (ADCC) Student Awards

Capilano University’s IDEA School of Design students won 14/50 Advertising & Design Club of Canada (ADCC) Student Awards this year. Not bad for our first time entering! We didn’t get any golds, but 3 silvers and 11 merits. Shown above: Adventure Bug by Danielle Adams (Graphic Design Silver).

Congratulations and thank-you to all the students for making time to submit your work. It’s a huge benefit for you and the school!

First year IDEA student, Annika McFarlane, reflects on her first term in a 4 year art school degree program

When she got the assignment to do a self-portrait (shown above), Annika McFarlane (IDEA22) created herself out of some of her most iconic pieces of clothing, and surrounded herself with pieces of the places that she often finds herself in. It took her about 5 hours to collect all of the objects, arrange them and shoot the portrait.

In this story, Annika reflects on her first term at IDEA School of Design and shares some of her work. She could not be more stoked to be spending the next 4 years at IDEA. Early applications for Fall 2019 close on Wednesday, January 23, 2019.

Vivay Li—Graphic designer at Phoenix Labs, the creators of the Dauntless video game

Vivay Li (IDEA18) is a graphic designer at Phoenix Labs for their free-to-play monster slaying game, Dauntless. She did her practicum at The Sequence Group, a boutique animation studio in Vancouver and split up her time between volunteering, freelancing, and networking during the summer.

She continues to volunteer for industry events, such as Artbreakers, Full Indie, Vault 100, and Global Game Jam, provide support for minorities in the games industry and believes “everyone deserves to be loved, regardless of what they do or do not achieve.” Catch up with Vivay!

Early Applications for Fall 2019 close on Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Study art and design in Vancouver! Capilano University’s Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication is a career-oriented program for the next generation of creative professionals, with concentrations in branding, illustration and interactive design.

Applicants must submit a portfolio and other documents through the online portal SlideRoom. Shown above: Herald One illustration by 1st year student, Jonathan Pachkowsky.

Lenka Prochazka, Designer at Origin in Whistler

Lenka Prochazka (IDEA16) interned at Origin, an outdoor-focused, digitally driven creative and marketing agency in Whistler, BC between her 2nd and 3rd years at IDEA School of Design and was hired full time Fall 2016.

Her highlight project this past year was creating a brand identity for the lululemon 10k runs in Toronto and Edmonton. She’s recently been exposing herself more to motion design using After Effects and Cinema 4D. Read her story!

Introducing first year IDEA student, Alina Sandu

For first year student, Alina Sandu, life at Capilano University’s IDEA School of Design is like living in the fast lane. Self-portrait (shown above). Read Alina’s story for a glimpse into a student’s life in art school.

Study design in Vancouver! Early Applications for Fall 2019 are now open. SlideRoom closes midnight, Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019 for Early Admission Applications to the Bachelor of Design at Capilano University.

Rachelle Hynes combines creativity, sports, nutrition, health, creative writing and videography into her Zesty Life!

Freelance designer Rachelle Hynes graduated from IDEA School of Design in 2009. Her advice to design students is to “trust your gut” and “integrate YOUR uniqueness into whatever path you choose”.

We recently caught up with her about her journey as creative director, designer and thought-leader in Vancouver to her “deep passion to do something more and something with a richer purpose”.

Read Rachelle’s story about her new Zesty Life in Squamish, BC!