Want to explore the world of illustration and design? These courses will introduce you to a range of materials and techniques. We recommend them for those wishing to build a portfolio for art school entry.

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Through personalized instruction and inspiring in-class assignments, students will produce seven to nine pieces of illustration and design. Projects include pattern as storytelling, portraiture, typography, collage, scratchboard, linoblock printing, and more. As you grow familiar with studio materials and design concepts, you'll be able to express your creativity in original and exciting new ways. This course focuses on mostly black and white solutions, and does not include life drawing. It is taught by IDEA instructor and professional illustrator Pascal Milelli. A continuation, Drawing and Design Basics II, is offered in the spring term. Course fee includes supplies.


As with Drawing and Design Basics I, this course is open to all who are looking to learn simple design principles and sharper observation to their drawing and portfolio work. Note: Students are not required to have taken Drawing and Design Basics I to enjoy and succeed in this course. Projects include a poster design, hand lettering, a t-shirt and shopping bag design, handling perspective in drawing, creating a narrative trio of images, and more. It is taught by IDEA instructor and professional illustrator Pascal Milelli. Course fee includes supplies.


Life drawing is a foundation skill for all types of visual art, particularly animation. Using gesture drawing from a live model, you will learn basic principles of observation and develop your ability to render volume, form and line. Develop your portfolio while improving your drawing ability under the guidance of instructor Moh Ghoreshi, who teaches in the University’s Animation program. Course fee includes weekly model fee.